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7 Mistakes Most Guitarists Make – And How To Avoid Them!

Like everyone else, we aren’t immune to making mistakes -regardless of our constant effort and hard work. Often these mistakes are due to lack of guidance, or too much of it, or just the plain confusion of trying something totally new. Below is a list of the biggest mistakes most beginner guitarists make and how to stay away from them.

Big Mistake # 1: Practicing Incorrectly.

Practicing for long hours on the guitar can be mentally stressful, but you shouldn’t be physically burned out. If you feel tired even after half an hour of practice, chances are that you are doing it incorrectly. Improper posture and positioning of the guitar can paramount to unnecessary physical stress that can make practice time a struggle.

Here’s a couple tips to help you out:

Try not to hunch your back, keep your guitar angled towards you slightly, and ensure the dip of the guitar is resting on your lap on the same side as your strumming hand.

Big Mistake # 2: Expecting Miracles and Lightning Results.

Like learning anything new, playing the guitar takes time, patience and a lot of practice! If you are mislead by others thinking that playing the guitar can happen overnight, then you are on a long, frustrating journey. Be prepared to face challenges, practice, and encounter mistakes along the way. With your hard work and patience, rewards will surely await you.

Big Mistake # 3: Choosing the Wrong Songs To Practice

Trying to play songs that are clearly out of your interest zone is like trying to stomach down a moldy sandwich – it just doesn’t work. Since you will be spending long hours trying to perfect something on the guitar, better choose the songs that are closest to your heart. Not only will you be excited to perfect the piece, you will also find that time will just slip by without you noticing. Beginner guitar songs don’t need to be boring. There are a ton of songs perfect for first time guitar players.

Big Mistake # 4: Pushing Beyond Your Limits

Pushing yourself beyond what is right isn’t only emotionally and physically straining, but it’ll also dampen your motivation and lead you to the dead end road of frustration. Still having difficulties perfecting the F barre chord after long hours of practice? Stand up and go for a walk. Distract yourself to something that doesn’t involve the guitar, music or chords. Read a good book, play a relaxing game or take Buddy out for a breath of fresh air. Once you are calmed, relaxed and de-stressed, pick up your guitar again. Never try to practice when you are on the brink of frustration. Remember, these things take time. Be patient.

Big Mistake # 5: Not Having a Roadmap to Success

Always make a clear set of goals that you want to achieve on the guitar. Try to plan out the songs that you want to play, the chords associated with it, and the other things that you plan to learn. Having a guide or a “roadmap to success” will clearly illustrate the things that you have achieved so far and things that you have yet to accomplish.

Big Mistake # 6: Learning Just Theory

Trying to memorize hundreds of chords and scales, and how to execute them is totally useless if you can’t appreciate how they apply to your guitar playing. Choose your favorite beginner song (take note of mistake #3), search for the chords and practice playing it. Once you have mastered the song, choose another song and do the same steps. This way, you put into heart the chords that you have learned and you get to apply it by playing your favorite song! Over time, you will learn various chords, scales and different finger plucking in a pace that’s less frustrating and thoroughly enjoyable. For a better way to learn guitar, be sure to check out my 81 page Ebook “Beginners Guide To Learning Guitar”. It will have you learning to play the guitar in just 48 hours or less, even if you’ve never strummed a chord before.

Big Mistake # 7: Giving Up

Lastly, if you feel beaten down, frustrated and extremely tired, NEVER, NEVER Ever GIVE UP. Van Halen, Steve Vai, John Lennon and other prominent guitarists all faced the same difficulties that you’re facing right now at some point while they were still learning to strum, fret and learn to play the guitar. Always see the positive side of things. If you are facing a handful of difficulties, it just means that you are learning – and that’s good.


Learning something is always difficult at first, so do your best not to get frustrated if your fingers start hurting, the guitar goes out of tune, your neighbors begin complaining, or if you don’t sound great right away. All great guitarists had to begin where you are right now.

The difference between those that try and give up, and those who become great guitar players, is that great guitar players keep trying no matter what. Just remember that playing the guitar should be fun. Don’t give up, keep practicing and enjoy yourself.

Before you know it you will be the next guitar hero!



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