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Best Beginner Guitar Lessons Kickstarter Course – Lesson #10 – The C Major Chord

Best Beginner Guitar Lessons Kickstarter Course – Lesson #10 – The C Major Chord

In this Guitar Chords for Beginners Kickstarter video lesson #10,  I’m going to be showing you the C major chord. Let’s get started and  take a look.

A New Chord – C Major

The bass note is on the fifth string, that’s a C note. I’m using my third finger. Start with your first finger, second string, first fret. Second finger stretches over to the fourth string, second fret and my third finger over to the fifth string. You want to hear a nice clean chord. You can play the low E string in that chord. Sounds okay because actually it’s still part of the chord itself.

It’s Time To Practice

Go and take your fingers off and relax, do it again. First finger, second finger and the fifth string, third finger. Shake your hand out, do it again. C. Do you have it? Great. Try C to G. Place a C chord, okay? Four times, now go to the G chord, any form you want. Back to C, G, C, now slowing down now, to the base camp for now, G, C and G.

Always Practice Common Chord Changes – Not Individual Chords

Now I practice it that way because one of the most common changes is going to be from C to G and it’s best to practice chords in phrases or in short chord progressions, so much better than just playing a chord by itself. The real trick to it is changing from guitar chord to another guitar chord and you might as well practice the ones that you’re going to do most commonly. C to G is a very common one.

So that’s it for this video lesson.

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