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Best Beginner Guitar Lessons Kickstarter Course – Lesson #12 – Holding A Guitar Pick Correctly

Best Beginner Guitar Lessons Kickstarter Course – Lesson #12 – Holding A Guitar Pick Correctly

Now, one of the biggest problems when using a pick is getting a smooth strum because you tend to tighten too much on the pick. It’s a balancing act. You want to tighten up on the pick to hold it, but at the same time you don’t want it falling out, you just want it loose enough so that it can move back and forth so it makes a very smooth strumming sound. Holding the pick tight sounds like this, and you want this. Smooth…

Be Sure To Loosen Pick For Rhythm

I’m slanting up and down as I strum over the strings. The key here, take a look at my right hand, when I put the pick on my finger, I’m putting it on above the first knuckle of my first finger in the right hand. Thumb goes over it and I’m putting pressure on the back of the pick, not all the way. The back of the pick so it can still move freely but it won’t slip out.

Put Pressure On The Back Of The Guitar Pick

Let’s  look at this again. I put it on my first knuckle, not right in the middle, a little more towards the tip. Press the thumb down over it and I’m rolling back towards this part of my thumb so that it can move a little bit but it won’t slip out. Too loose, too tight and it can’t move. Can you see, rolling back, so it looks like this.

Use Stiff Pick For Melody/Lead

When I’m playing melody I actually tighten up on the pick because I don’t want it to move, but for strumming, to get a smooth strum, you want the pick to move a little bit. Try that with some of the chord changes and go ahead and… if the pick falls out just pick it up, go for just enough grip to hold it in there but not so tight that it’s stiff.

Doing Great.

See you on my next video lesson.




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