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Best Beginner Guitar Lessons Kickstarter Guitar Course – Lesson #6 – B7 Chord

Best Beginner Guitar Lessons Kickstarter Guitar Course – Lesson #6 – B7 Chord

Your First 4 Note Chord On Guitar – B7

Today in my sixth video of Kickstarter Guitar Chords for Beginners, I want to go over the B7 chord. That’s a cool chord and it’s the first one that uses four fingers. Let’s take a look at it. Here’s what it looks like and you see I’m using my pinky. I’d like to start with the second finger just to get started. First finger on the fourth string, third finger on the third string and the pinky on the first string. Let me show you that again. Go ahead and follow with me along. Second finger, second fret, fifth string. First finger, first fret, fourth string. I’ve got the third finger coming down on the second fret, third string and I’m skipping a string in the first finger, first string as my pinky. Good sign for it is a nice full chord.

Bass Note On The 5th String

I hear that bass note as the fifth string, that’s a B note. Go ahead and take your hand out and try it with me. Let’s do one finger at a time. Second finger, first, third and pinky on the first string. See that all the notes are ringing. That’s a B, fifth string. Don’t worry, it takes practice. Do it again. Place your fingers on and the pinky. Now you want to get to where you put them all on at once. That takes practice.

Introducing The Concept Of “Guide Finger”

In the beginning it’s better to start with a guide finger, that second finger and little by little as you practice you get them all on. Do it again. Second finger, first, third and pinky on that first string. Take a look at my thumb, this is good thumb position. It’s got the thumb in the back of the neck. Not down here and not like that. Flat against the neck. My hand is relaxed and any time if I were to just release all the tension my hand would just fall off.

Practice Changing Chords

Change to the A chord, back to B7 and go to the E, A, B7 and E. Okay, in the next video we’re going to start talking about guitar chord families and that’s what I just did, just playing chords that are in a family. I look forward to see you on my next video.




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