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Chord Buddy Review, Does it Really Teach You How To Play Guitar?


Chord Buddy Review (as seen on Shark Tank)

Chord Buddy is claimed to be the World’s best guitar learning system, so I jumped at the chance to review it.



My oldest son has asked quite a few times to take guitar lessons and my wife has always wanted him to take them.  However neither of them has come up with a solution to how to afford such lessons. When I checked into them it was going to be about $100 a month, which was 4 lessons. Compared to soccer at $80 for a season that is a big hit. Especially with two other children that would of course like to participate in their own recreations.
When I was asked if I wanted to review Chord Buddy, the World’s Best Guitar Learning System, I thought to myself this may be the solution to my problem. A more affordable way to help my son learn the guitar with at home guitar lessons. As a parent we want to give our children everything. I think it would be AWESOME and a great experience for my son if he could learn. I have  always wanted to play the guitar myself so I thought this would be  perfect way to bond.
The product came with two books, a DVD, and a guitar hero like gadget to place over the end of the guitar. One book is a collection of 100 sounds – country, pop, gospel, and bluegrass. The second book is an instruction guide, however I much preferred the instructional DVD.  Here is a close up of the “guitar hero” type gadget that is the basis of the system.
My son and I sat down to give it a shot. Despite the fact that the guitar needs tuning, by the end of the video my son knew what he needed to do. The video did a good job of showing him how to utilize the tool and learn to play. As for the tuning there is a section as well with that. Don’t ask me what you need to do because I myself did not watch the video. My biggest problem now is not how to AFFORD the lessons but how to get my son to sit and practice. After all the wanting and needing of the lessons we can not get him to set down and practice. He tends to pull out the guitar when a friend come over so he can show off how he knows “how” to play. Though he hasn’t played a song yet. You can buy a kid a Chord Buddy but you can’t make him want to practice. Typical teenager of course.

The system:

The great thing about the Chord Buddy is that you can make music from day one.  This book will provide an organized, step-by-step practice guide to get you playing on your own in just two months, with only one hour of practice per day.

Section One: You get started strumming and singing six great songs right away, and along the way you will be introduced to different strumming techniques.

Section Two: You will learn some special tricks with the Chord Buddy to make you sound like a pro.

Section Three: Using a systematic process that removes one chord tab at a time, you will learn to form the chords on your own, without the assistance of the Chord Buddy.

So I asked my wife what she thought about the Chord Buddy. She said with practice she thinks my son could learn to play, the video showed him what he needed to know to learn how to play, it is just a matter of getting my son to practice. I definitely think anyone in the same situation as me, not wanting to pay for lessons but wishing they could give their child the opportunity of learning to play the guitar should first invest in the Chord Buddy and give it a try. It is so much cheaper then lessons and very easy to learn.


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