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How to Get Good at Playing Guitar Chords

Have you been having troubles playing or switching guitar chords? This article will reveal the secret to playing and switching guitar chords.


Remember there are only 2 shapes on the guitar. All chords are made by combining these 2 shapes.
When playing a new chord, place your middle and ring fingers down first, and the rest will follow easily.

Now, pick two different chords.

  • For this example we’ll use Am and E. Position your fingers on the Am chord, then strum 8 times (count 1&2&3&4&5&6&7&8&).


Switch to the E chord, but don’t stop strumming.


Once you switch chords, count until you get the E chord, then start from 1 again.

As you practice this, the number between chords(the amount of strums it takes to get the switch right) will decrease.


  • It might be hard to keep strumming if you have already got into the habit of stopping between chords. never stop strumming.
  • It could take a dozen or more tries to get a switch right, but don’t give up!
  • Here are some easy chord changes:
    • C to G7
    • E to A-minor
    • E-minor to A
    • C to F
  • Try and practice all of these chord changes as described above about 5 minutes each, taking a 5 minute break in between.
  • It is expected for it to take a few tries, and for a while it’s not going to sound very good.



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