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While you are here looking through the different options here at new chord buddy, I want you to know that this website was created for everyone who has ever wanted to learn the guitar but could never find the time, money, or patience to do so. My number one priority is to develop and execute different ways of teaching lessons, songs, and techniques that you can understand and replicate in your own living room, bed room, or even your own dorm room.

Learning to play guitar is a challenge. learning chords, co-ordinating the strumming with the finger chords, remembering finger positions are all part of that challenge. Chord Buddy Australia made it possible to eliminate those challenges. Introducing the new Chord Buddy guitar learning device.

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The Chord Buddy fits neatly on the neck of your guitar, fits both acoustic and electric guitars. All you do is simply push a button that represents the chord instead of trying to remember all those finger positions. As you progress you will remove the buttons and play the actual chord instead, within about 2 months you will eliminate the Chord Buddy all together and be playing guitar like a pro.



Chord Buddy is the World’s Best and Fastest Guitar Learning System. It comes with a  DVD that is loaded with full lesson plan plus other tips and tricks, A Lessons Book is included, Also a Song book with 100 songs and the ChordBuddy Unit.


This device is a “Must Have” if you are determined to learn guitar and don’t have the time or money for a traditional tutor which ends up costing you thousands of dollars in lessons. It will eliminate all the stress and frustration of remembering finger positions and trying to co-ordinate the strumming with the finger positions. 4 year olds and upwards can use this device and is ideal for people with hand problems such as arthritis etc.


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